Our Sellers come to us to help them achieve the best possible price for their business while taking the least amount of time from you and your company. We know that your time is more valuable when invested in continuing to run your company. In order to achieve the best price, your company must continue to execute. After all, that will be what a buyer who wants to purchase it will be looking for.

Our philosophy has created a multiple step, how to strategy that culminates with the sale of your company.

This proven method has been used to sell hundreds of businesses.




We generate a business profile that represents your company in the most attractive way possible


We Structure The Sale

We identify the best possible price range to sell your company.


We Network The Sale

We utilize the latest technology to present your company to other business brokers and strategic buyers all over the world.


We Advertise Your Company

Your listing is placed in various industry databases, Internet sites, and publications which are constantly updated.


We Control The Information Flow

We organize all necessary documentation and release information only as needed.


We Create Competition

We attract thousands of buyers, creating competition for your business. Buyers are qualified for financial ability to meet the offer. We will then reduce that number to only the most qualified buyers.


We Negotiate For You

Appropriate negotiation is crucial to achieving your best price and terms. We have the expertise to establish sound and resourceful negotiating techniques on your behalf.


Support Through The Due Diligence

We quarterback the deal, work with the accountants, lawyers, banks, landlords, and other third parties that could jeopardize the success of the transaction.


From Beginning To The Closing

We help manage all administrative procedures, licenses, inventory counts and lease assignments that may be required.


Transitional Phase And Beyond!

We will provide you with any assistance you may require after the closing. Transworld will always remain in your corner!

 We have business valuation experts on staff to help you value your business.

We can meet with you and discuss your business valuation or we can be engaged to perform formal valuation reports.