Melissa Patel

Melissa has a diverse background in business. She started her career in investment banking as an assistant trader for oil and gas. From there she was selected for Lockheed Martin’s Finance Leadership Development Program where she learned various facets of the business. After finishing the program, she worked for headquarters practicing internal audit for the corporation, traveling nationally and internationally to evaluate compliance in financial reporting and business processes.

Melissa worked as a business process improvement consultant with Deloitte Consulting, where she advised clients on increasing business efficiency and improving financial reporting processes.

Before opening Transworld Business Advisors of DC Metro, Melissa worked in consulting for Booz Allen Hamilton. This is where she had her “aha moment” and realized the advisory work she was performing for her clients would benefit small business owners, many times over. She decided to focus on small business mergers and acquisitions.

Melissa is a small business advocate as her father’s small business allowed him to achieve his American dream when he immigrated to the United States in 1978. She aims to continue to help small and mid-size businesses owners thrive as she believes each business leaves an everlasting footprint on the community.